Advanced Technique Program

Training Levels

No previous dance experience required

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Level I: Basic

No experience needed

These dancers have little to no experience with dance.  Little knowledge of dance terminology. We teach these students from the beginning foundation steps to more advanced.  

Level II: Beginner

Minimum of 2 years training

These dancers have some experience in dance and foundation steps and terms.  They have a basic understanding of the discipline and general dance terminology.

Level III: Intermediate Beginner

Minimum of 4 yrs. of training

Strong understanding and proficiency in the discipline and general dance terminology. Correctly performs foundation skills and is ready to build to more difficult steps.  

Level IV: Advanced Beginner

Minimum of 6 years of training

Strong understanding and proficiency in the discipline and terminology.  Correctly performs foundational skills, able to perform more difficult skills, and is ready to be challenged more.  

Level V: Intermediate Advanced

Minimum of 7 years of training

Strong understanding and proficiency in the discipline and terminology.  Correctly performs foundational skills, able to perform more difficult skills, learns choreography with much ease.   

Level VI: Advanced

Minimum of 8 years of training

The highest level of dance  training. These dancers learn and perform choreography with ease and great execution.

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Proper Class Placement for Students

It is extremely important that every dancer is placed accurately for their development.  Placing dancers in levels beyond their experience and/or skill could result in frustration and/or injury.  


Many factors are taken into consideration when placing new dancers into the correct class levels.  We will evaluate every dancer regularly and place them according to their:  

    1.   age

    2.  maturity

    3.  experience

    4.  skill level


Legacy reserves the right to make changes to each student's placement to best meet the needs of each dancer.    


There is also no timeline or accurate measure to when a child will move up to a higher level.  Each dancer is evaluated separately and moved to a higher level as the need presents.  Age is a factor in our decisions, however, it is only one factor and/or guideline not a restriction.  



Styles of Dance 


an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Classical ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements.  Levels I and II students will build on the foundation skills, learning more difficult technique, skills, and movement once they have a solid foundation.  Students at  levels III - IV  will have a strong foundation in classical ballet training.  They will utilize their dance training to the fullest, as they work to perfect their technique with more challenging choreography and training.   Level V students will continue to perfect the their ballet technique while exploring more difficult steps, terms, combinations, and choreography. 


Required Level of Ballet:  II-V Ballet Students may ONLY be considered

With instructors approval only
Students who have a good foundation in ballet technique and are ready to start working toward pointe.  This class will focus on strengthening the ankles, feet, and muscles in preparation for pointe shoes. Students must be enrolled a ballet class.


Required Level of Ballet:  III-V Ballet Students may ONLY be considered

With instructors approval only
For students who have a good foundation in ballet technique.  These students have developed strong muscles in their ankles and feet, and are ready for the basic technique and pointe skills.  All pointe students, must be enrolled in a ballet class, to continue to strengthen and focus on ballet technique.


High energy fun classes that will explore all forms of jazz from Musical Theater to Contemporary Jazz to Commercial Jazz. Our beginning level students learn the foundation of jazz technique, expression, and movement.  For our students who have a foundation in jazz,  we will work on building on these skills.  Level III students will learn more complicated turns, jumps, and choreography. Higher level students will utilize their dance training to the fullest, as they work to perfect their technique with more challenging choreography and movement. 

Hip Hop

This is an excellent class for dancers who are looking for a high-energy, fast, and fun dance class. This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and age-appropriate hip hop choreography.  

For students who are looking for a more free and expressive form of dance.  This class is a combination of ballet and jazz, and uses much expression and musicality.   Students will learn modern technique along with how to express emotion through movement.  Contemporary Level III students will build on the modern technique as it begins to blend the sustained, controlled, expressive movement of ballet with the freedom, power, and energy of jazz dance.  Contemporary Level IV and V will be encouraged to be more expressive, musical, and powerful as they perform.



For students who are ready to create rhythms with their feet!  This class aims to push tappers both technically and stylistically. Working to a rhythm tap foundation, you will be running drills and technical exercises, as well as learning choreography.

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