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Dancing Safely with Legacy

The following is a detailed list of how Legacy School of Dance plans to follow along with regulations set by the State of Virginia and the CDC.

Please note that this is an ever changing situation and this page will be updated as regulations change.

If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio directly or call our office with your concerns.  The well being of our students and their families is our number one priority.

The following list of procedures are in compliance with Virginia regulations for COVID-19.  

Mask Wearing Guidelines:

  • The CDC recommends that all patrons, vaccinated and unvaccinated, wear a mask at this time.  

  • All Dancers are encouraged to wear a mask while in the studio.  

  • Per Executive Order 79 (2021):  Anyone ages 2 and younger are not required to wear a mask.   

Dance Studio Capacity:

  • Limited capacity (class size) in each studio.

  • All family members are encouraged to drop off and return, or wait outside in their cars. 

  • Waiting areas are open with social distancing encouraged for our youngest dancers (ages 5 and younger). 

  • Please do not arrive early to eliminate any unnecessary waiting around.

  • Please come dressed and ready.

  • We encourage all dancers to use the restroom before leaving home, to eliminate use of common areas.  Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly.  

Inside The Dance Rooms:​

  • Dancers may bring their own water bottle with their name clearly printed.  (water fountains will NOT be in use.)

  • There are hand sanitizer stations in each studio.   

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • All high touch items will be sanitized regularly.

  • The restroom will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.  

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations at the entrance of the studio.  

  • Anti-Bacterial hand soap will be available in the restroom.

  • All students should use hand sanitizer before entering the studio.  

  • Dancers and families are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer or hand sanitizing wipes to use as needed.  

  • We encourage you to wash all workout clothes immediately after arriving home.  

Health Screening:

  • All staff members will be screened and have temperatures taken at the start of their shift.  Any staff member found ill or with symptoms will be immediately sent home and the dance studio will be deep cleaned.  

  • Dancers are encouraged to take their temperature and have their health monitored at home, before leaving for the studio.  Per CDC Guidelines if you have a fever of 100.4 or greater, feels warm to the touch, or have a history of feeling feverish, by CDC guidelines, you need to stay home.  

  • If a dancer has any COVID-19 symptoms, including a cough, fever of 100.4 or greater, feels warm to the touch, or gives a history of feeling feverish, has a sore throat, or wheezing that is new and not related to any other health reason, please stay home.  

  • Any dancer or instructor who has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 needs to stay home.  

  • Students who seem symptomatic will be dismissed immediately.  A family member will be contacted for immediate pick up and the dance studio will be deep cleaned.  

  • Should an instructor or student test positive for COVID-19,  Legacy will follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting and will notify anyone exposed to the virus but will maintain confidentiality of who as required by the ADA.  

Virtual Access:

  • Virtual classes will be available upon requests.