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Kimberly R. Ligatti

Artistic Director/Co-Owner


After many years of studying dance, Kim has found her one dream, to share the love of dance with our youth!  As director of Legacy School of Dance, Kim strives to inspire young dancers, as they work to achieve their own dreams as artists, dancers, and performers.  "My goal as the director at Legacy, is for each child to walk out of class feeling better about themselves."


Kim began studying dance at the age of 4 in her hometown of Richmond, VA!   She began her study of dance at Cary and Clarke Studios, and transitioned to Martinique School of Dance were she had wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and perform.  During her youth Kim was given the opportunity to study dance in New York, under numerous instructors.   The most inspirational was the legendary Frank Hatchett, as his energy and personal style left a lasting impression.   During her dance studies in New York, Kim studied Ballet at Carnegie Hall, as well as other forms of dance at the Broadway Dance Center.   Kim  continues to travel to NYC annually to learn, grow, and perfect art.   As director of Legacy, Kim finds similar opportunities for her students.  For the past 8 seasons Legacy has traveled to NYC  with students to  study dance at Broadway Dance Center among some of the world's best instructors.   Kim believes for her dancers, "opportunities are everything".   Kimberly has studied dance for over 30 years!   

Kim later graduated from Radford University in 1998 with a degree in Business Management and Contemporary Dance.  As she worked toward her degree in dance, Kim studied under the direction of Margaret Devaney, Dr. Pegeen Albig, Frano Jelincic, and Dagmar Kessler.  While at Radford, many of her contemporary dance studies were based on the technique of Martha Graham.  Kim was asked to perform multiple times, both at the University and away.  


Upon graduating from college, Kimberly found her new love and passion, as she began teaching at Martinique School of Dance.    Choreographing and teaching has inspired Kim to bring the world of dance to our young dancers, “giving each aspiring artist opportunities to grow and learn, and most importantly fall in love with the art of dance”!


Kim has explored many forms of dance with her technical foundation in ballet and expanding her repertoire to include more contemporary forms of dance as she continues her dance education.  She later attended the University of Richmond where she received her Elementary Education Certification, and has taught in Henrico County, and currently in Chesterfield County Schools.  



Fallon Ruby, 8 years



Adding to Kim's dance accomplishments, she began Legacy's Competition Dance Team in 2013.  In the first year alone, the dancers selected for the team won numerous divisions, special judges awards, and recognition's.  Since the first year the team continues to grow in size and talent, winning the highest level of adjudications and top overall scores.    She is looking forward to another year of watching her dancers perform throughout Virginia and along the East Coast.  


When Kim is not teaching dance, she is spending quality time with her husband Matt Ligatti, and two girls, Taylor and Fallon.  

Kimberly has experienced dance from many point of views; as a performer and a student, a teacher and choreographer, and most recently as a mother.  Kim’s daughter's, Taylor (17) and Fallon (11), are currently students at Legacy.     

Taylor Whitney, 14 years

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