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The Importance of Ballet...

Children begin ballet for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's because a child's been dancing around the house and displays a keen interest in dance and movement, it's a given. For some -- many -- other cases a parent feels it will develop grace or better posture. Or, enrolling in ballet could be because of some genetic weakness, injury or illness, and ballet lessons have been recommended as remedial, corrective exercise. Ballet is taught as a practice comprised of "positions" and traditional steps set to music, which almost anyone can start out learning to do and marks the beginning of body awareness, muscular control, and powerful, poised, physical deportment.



Ballet is both a challenging and fulfilling body discipline that develops both coordination and mental acuity as well as helps to develop an ear for music and the joy inherent in responding physically to it. From an exercise standpoint, ballet's many benefits include muscular strengthening and the building of cardiovascular stamina, and the potential to increase flexibility. An absolute benefit includes postural awareness, postural alignment and general improvement. Because of the isometric techniques employed across ballet study, students of all ages build elongated yet strong arms and legs. Using the weight of the body against gravity strengthens lean muscle tissue.



Legacy's Ballet Company Program


Legacy School of Dance offers programs designed to meet the needs of each individual dancer, whether planning a career in dance or not, while also providing a sound foundation for those who will proceed to serious ballet training. 
Our Ballet Program is designed to build interest in dancing, strengthen muscles, introduce a basic vocabulary, and develop a sensibility of the artistic and performance qualities that make up dance. 
Intermediate students are introduced to a progressing level of study that incorporates elements from major training styles, including Royal Academy of Dance, and Cecchetti.  We also conduct classes in modern and jazz to offer intermediate students a well-rounded dance education.


For the serious student, the emphasis is on posture, placement, coordination, dance quality and musicality, combined with a firm technique within the limits of each person's own development.
All students enrolled at Legacy will have the opportunity to showcase their talent on stage.  Legacy performs excerpts from a famous ballet every year.  Select students are featured in the chosen ballet, and performed in our Spring Showcase.   
Ballet's Studied and Performed by Legacy Ballet Company:


May, 2011:  Excerpts from Sleeping Beauty, restaged by Kelly Nelson


May 2012:  Excerpts from La Esmeralda, restaged by Whitney Hughes, Kimberly Ligatti, Kelly Nelson, and  Jordan Strader, 


May 2013:  Excerpts from Act II of Giselle, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti


May 2014:  Excerpts from The Dream, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, and Amanda Oliver


May 2015:  Excerpts from Cinderella, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, Taylor Randall, and Jordan Strader


May 2016:  Excerpts from Swan Lake, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti and Sabrina Goodman

May 2017:  Excerpts from Gaite Parisienne, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, and Taylor Randall

May 2018:  Excerpts from Sleeping Beauty, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, and Taylor Randall

May 2019:  Excerpts from The Nutcracker, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, and Taylor Randall

May 2020:  Excerpt from Jewels, restaged by Kimberly Ligatti, Sabrina Goodman, and Taylor Randall

May 2021:  Excerpt from La Esmeralda, original Legacy Restaging Kelly Nelson, 2021 Restage:  Sabrina Goodman, Whitney Mitchell,            

                   Taylor Randall, and Kimberly R Ligatti

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