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Join Legacy for the Summer!

We have THREE Amazing Summer Programs

Legacy is gearing up for summer with THREE summer programs to meet every dancers needs.

No matter your age or experience we have a program for you, enroll in one program, two,  or all three!  

6-Week Summer Program

One Week - JUNE -  Dance Camps

JULY-  Dance Intensive

Join us!



Ages 2 years old and up

June 10th-July 26th

(no classes July 1st-July 5th)

Classes for all ages, style of dance, and experience levels.  These classes will meet once a week for a 6-week period ending with an in-studio performance celebrating your dancer(s)!  



Ages 5-10 years old

Dance Camp 1:  June 10th-14th

Dance Camp 2:  June 17th-21st

Dance Camp 3:  June 24th-28th

Dance Camp 4:  July 8th-12th

Dance Camp 5:  July 15th-19th

Dance Camp 6:  July 22nd - 26th

Dance Camp 7:  July 29th - Aug. 2nd

Dance Camp 8:  Aug. 5th - Aug. 9th

Each camp week will be filled with exploring different styles of dance, choreography, technique, and fun!  Each dancer will experience the joy of dance while also making great friendships!



Ages 8 and older

June 10th- June 14th:  8a.m.-noon

June 17th-June 21st:   8a.m. - 3p.m.

June 24th-June 28th:  8a.m. - 3p.m.

July 8th- July 12th:  8a.m. - noon

July 15th-July 19th:  8a.m. - noon

The Summer Dance Intensives are designed for students who are dedicated and disciplined in the art of dance, and want to grow their understanding and passion. 

Enroll Today to Join our Summer Fun!

Why dance through the summer?

A Few Reasons to Continue Dancing This Summer...

With the dance studio season coming to an end, it’s time to “roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”…and in the dance world there’s summer study!


So then the question becomes, “Why dance this summer?” What are the benefits of continuing to dance and not taking time off? 


REASON #1: Training during dance’s off-season will give you a “leg up”

Every sport has a regular season and an off-season, and for many dancers, summer is their off-season.  Athletes still practice and sometimes participate in specialty training during their off-season to keep their training up to date and perhaps even learn something new that can complement their existing skills and knowledge.  Dance is no exception. Even if a dancer does not attend an intensive and simply keeps up with regular classes, they will be far ahead of their classmates who took the summer off.   Those that choose to take an intensive will return with additional skill sets that will certainly help them shine above their peers.”


REASON #2: An opportunity to try different dance styles

Summer training offers an opportunity for dancers to gain insight into different styles without adding another class to their schedules.   A dancer can try a different style of dance during camps and/or intensives, or sign up for the 6-week program to give a new style a chance before signing up for a full year.  This helps the dancer make decisions about how/where they would like to increase their level of commitment.


REASON #3: Taking the summer off means resuming in the fall from three steps behind

Many times dancers who do not continue to take classes over the summer have a hard time getting back into it in the fall.  A dancer has spent months working on developing skills, strength, and flexibility.  Time off in the summer will reverse some of the work during the year.  It can take a good three months for the dancer to get back to the level they were already at when the season ended. A serious student should dance year-round and take as many classes as possible.

REASON #4: Dancers can use the summer time to focus on particulars

During the summertime, most kids are stress-free and when they get into dance they focus on just DANCE.   With that being said, dancers can focus on more individual skills and weaknesses, like closing their rib cage, working on a higher releve' and working their flexibility to have a correctly placed battement or split. These elements are all worked on throughout the season, however summer classes will help to make the dancer really understand their body.


REASON #5: These experiences provide the opportunity for growth, beyond just dance

Training through the summer, whether through workshops, weekly class, intensives or camps, is highly recommended because it always produces positive results. Intensives and workshops that provide a positive atmosphere teach dancers not only to dance, but inspire them to be independent and ready for the new season or the dance world beyond our doors.

REASON #6: Training in the summer means being a dancer is part of your lifestyle

The summer is time for sun, fun, and vacation...and for dance! Being a dancer is a lifestyle, and incorporating your training during these months is vital to maintaining all the technique you worked so hard for during the year.  It's also important for returning to your studio in the fall. You'll find it easier and smoother to get back into a full dance schedule.”

REASON #7: Dance is just plain HOT FUN in the summer!

On top of everything else, summer dance is so much fun!  Meeting new people at intensives, getting to take class outside your comfort zone, and learning from different teachers all a part of growing in dance and as an artist! 


Get excited about dance, enroll in classes and by the end of the summer you will be INSPIRED to return full force in the fall and be amazed with how much you have grown as a dancer and artist!

Join Legacy School of Dance Today!
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Call us:  804. 272.9152
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