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We adore our Legacy Littles!

Youth Dance Program, Ages 2 to 7 years old

Little girls and boys as young as 2 years old enjoy their first dance experience with us. They’re wide-eyed and eager to bounce to the beats and sway to fun songs. Their sweet tutu's with sparkles always make us smile.

Dance class can do more for your child than just help you to capture those adorable Instagram moments. When children experience the magic of dance class early in their developmental years, they build a base of fundamentals that carries them throughout life. Technically perfecting a child’s Plié or Pirouette is not our most important goal when they first start, instead we want them to gain a love of dance, develop strong bodies, confidence, and make life-long friends who share their passion for performing.

Dance provides a very natural method to learn expression and develop physical, emotional, and social skills. So it’s no surprise that starting children in dance at a young age can increase the benefits and skills learned.


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Mini & Petite  Class Descriptions


Mini Program:  Ages 2-5 years

Our youngest dancers!  Classes are a combination of basic ballet, creative movement, tap or jazz skills.  Terminology, rhythm, and coordination are taught, practiced, and developed through movement and music in a positive and supportive environment.  Larger classes will have a teacher and an assistant to help meet students needs.​

Petite Program  Ages 6-8 years

These students will be participating in the basic levels of dance training.  Students learn discipline and technique and gain knowledge in the fundamentals of  dance movement and choreography.  These classes teach rhythm, musicality, expression, and coordination with age appropriate choreography.  We offer Petite level classes with a focus in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Contemporary.  

Styles of Dance 

Ballet:  an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Students will explore creative movement and the very basic level of ballet steps.

Jazz:   this class teaches rhythm, coordination, and age appropriate choreography.  This class is upbeat and great for children who are ready to get up and dance.  They will explore creative movement and the basic level of jazz steps and technique.

Hip Hop​​:  This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and age-appropriate hip hop choreography.  This class is upbeat and great for children who are ready to get up and move!  

Contemporary​​:  For students who are looking for a more free and expressive form of dance.  This class is a combination of ballet and jazz, and uses much expression and musicality.   Students will learn modern technique along with how to express emotion through movement.  


Tap:  A class focused on the art of tap dance, students will work on rhythm, musicality, and clarity of sound as they are taught tap steps and combinations to fun music.​

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